QUT Cycling End of Trip Facilities

QUT Cycling End of Trip Facilities

QUT offers a full range of end of trip facilities to suit everyone’s need whether you’re an undergraduate student or a postdoc researcher. These facilities range from public bike racks throughout the campus through to complete end of trip facilities.

A brief overview of the different types of facilities has been outlined below, providing the pros and cons to each. For a full list of locations (excluding P block facilities) visit https://qutvirtual4.qut.edu.au/group/student/campuses-and-transport/cycling 

Bike Racks

There is a large range of bike racks available throughout both GP and KG campuses which are outlined in the link above.

  • These racks are great for convenience and small stays.
  • Always ensure to lock up your front and rear wheel too as these can be easily stolen if only your frame is locked up.
  • Ensure you use a D lock or chain which cannot be easily cut through.

Secure Compounds

At both campuses, QUT has provided a range of secure compounds. To gain access using your ID card, you must first request access through RightCrowd, outlined in the link above. 

  • These racks are great if you have a more valuable bike which you are worried about leaving in an exposed location.
  • It is still important to use a heavy-duty D block/chain and not leave any valuables with your bike. 

Gardens Point P Block - End of Trip Facility

QUT now manages the end of trip facilities in the basement of P block. This can be accessed through the YMCA gym entrance or from the front of P block with an automatic door (swipe access, refer to map). These facilities have a large number of showers, toilets and lockers. To request access to these facilities, contact QUT’s transport department at https://blackboard.qut.edu.au/webapps/portal/execute/tabs/tabAction?tab_tab_group_id=_3_1

  • These racks are especially great as you can leave your cycling gear in a locker and change comfortably in the showers and change rooms.
  • It is still important to lock up your bike securely and not leave valuables such as lights on your bike.